Download Fluxus Executor v1.1 APK for Android

Nowadays, everyone is interested in playing games on different platforms like; Minecraft, Roblox, or Fortnite. Some of them must know about Roblox. It is a popular game like Fortnite or Minecraft and succeeded in acquiring more than 100 million active monthly developers and players. For example, YouTube has a huge library of videos, but Roblox offers games rather than videos. 

Roblox is setting the record of engagement hours in billions every month. Hence, to improve the gameplay, people use exploits like, Hydrogen, Synapse, and Auto Flicker. Fluxus is one of them that helps you to take control via injections.


What is Fluxus Executor?

Created by WeAreDevs, Fluxus is a popular Roblox executor that offers a variety of scripts for different games. Currently, Fluxus Executor includes support for Mobile only. If you want to improve and become a top-level player in Roblox, you should try out level 8 RVM Fluxus. 

It allows you to inject any script into any Roblox game and hack it. Then, you can have fun playing the game and dunking on your rivals. Frequently updated scripts help you to boost your gameplay and become a champion.

Fluxus Executor Features

  • Efficient Scripts Execution. Fluxus allows you to inject any custom scripts into the Roblox games without inconvenience. In the code space, the user can put the script and execute it to inject it into the Roblox game. Most users use this method to improve efficiency and boost their rank.

  • Excellent UI. Fluxus’s user-friendly UI allows convenient and break-free execution of scripts. Even newbies can boost their gameplay with a few taps.

  • Level 8 Games Support. Fluxus Executor APK offers execution up to the 8 Level with enhanced performance. Gamers get a boost in their Roblox gameplay and rank in different levels.

  • Multiple Injection Options: Fluxus Executor APK offers two types of injectors; Auto-injector and Pre-injector. To automatically inject the scripts, you can use Auto-injector. While the second one allows users to input or load and save scripts before playing.

  • Frequent Updates. The WeAreDevs community frequently updates the Fluxus APK to fix bugs and script execution. Updates in APK allow users to get a smooth gaming experience with Fluxus Executor.

Download Fluxus Executor

How to download and use Fluxus Executor?

The process of downloading and installation of Fluxus Executor is simple. You need to follow these steps for a successful installation.

  • Firstly, download the Fluxus Executor APK via its official website.
  • Open any browser and paste this link:
  • Complete the steps to download the APK.
  • Now, turn on the option of “Apps from Unknow Sources”.
  • Go to the download folder and install the Fluxus Executor APK.
  • After the installation, you must acquire the executor key to inject the script into any Roblox game. To obtain and execute the script, follow the below steps.
  • Launch the Fluxus Executor APK and press on the “Get Key” option.
  • After solving the captcha, it’ll take you to the Linkvertise site.
  • Complete the further steps and get the key. 
  • Open any Roblox Game and tap on the Fluxus icon to execute your favourite script.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Fluxus Executor APK secure to use?

Ans- Fluxus Executor is a malware-free script execution APK created by WeAreDevs and safe for Roblox games.

Can we use Fluxus Executor on PC?

Ans- No, the PC version of Fluxus Executor hasn’t come out. But the devs are in talks to launch Windows and Mac versions soon.

Is Fluxus Executor APK free?

Ans- Yes, Fluxus Executor doesn’t ask for any money to execute the custom and built-in scripts.

How to download Fluxus Executor ?

Ans- The download link is given above, you can download the file without having to go to linkvertise, but you will have to complete the linkvertise process for the Key verification.